Sector specific regulation

Beyond general antitrust regulation, companies are also subject to additional, sector-specific regulation. In particular, such sectors include network economies such as telecommunications and the energy sector.

Specific regulatory conditions can significantly restrict a company's ability to act, thereby compromising its competitive position considerably. For instance, if a regulatory authority imposes an obligation on companies in a given sector to obtain approval for the rates they charge, this can deprive the companies of any pricing autonomy or flexibility.

We have a profound understanding of the unique nature of network economies and can look back on more than 15 years' experience with industries subject to sector-specific regulation.

Coppik Economics offers its clients comprehensive support in preparing and conducting regulatory proceedings, whether by drawing up market analyses or by gauging market power and the impact and appropriateness of regulatory conditions.

Thanks to our many years of experience in management consulting, we have grown accustomed to working closely with our clients in order to tailor the relevant argumentation structure to fit their business objectives.

More than five years of experience working with an industrial corporation has also given us clear insight into the customer perspective. As a consequence, our solutions are not presented as an abstract consultation deliverable; rather, they strike just the right balance between complexity and aggregation.